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MOON abundance
Friday September 29, 2023 to Saturday September 30, 2023


Join me for the Harvest Full Moon Friday September 29, 2023. A one night retreat located on my acreage to celebrate, cleanse and honor Goddess Moon ultimately filling us with love and light.


What To Expect

Friday September 29th:

  • 5 pm arrival time, get settled in the space & have supper.

  • Tour of the acreage at 6:30 pm.

  • Our Opening Circle & Introductions will start at 7 pm.

  • Cleansing ritual to cleanse any energy that is not in our highest service.

  • Intension setting for the weekend.

  • Full Moon Ceremony.

Saturday September 30:

  • Breakfast and some chill yoga to start our day off.

  • Followed by a smudge making workshop and nature walk.

  • Lunch will be provided after we finish giving thanks to Mother Earth for her gifts and our new smudges.

  • One on one tarot readings for each attendee in the afternoon.

  • Closing Circle and meditation around 3-3:30 pm.

This is my first retreat! I am so excited to have all your beautiful souls joining me to celebrate the Harvest Moon.


The Harvest Full Moon has a special spot in my heart as I come from a farming family and as a child the Harvest Full Moon meant that harvest was almost complete and all the fruits of the family's labour all spring and summer was about to be realized. I also happen to be born right on the cusp of the Harvest Full Moon of 1991, two days later when the moon was still at 94% illumination.

All the harvest dust in the air just adds to the beauty of the Harvest Full Moon [turning it that beautiful orange/red] - it is truly a time of celebration on farms like mine. 

Full Moons are a time for celebration of your manifestations, banishing magic, reflection & gratitude, and rituals & gatherings. 


Falling in the house of Aries, the September Harvest Full Moon is for determination and being assertive. Lets recognize our accomplishments together and prepare ourselves for a time of expansion. Banish that which is not in service of our highest frequency and acknowledge that which does not work for us so that we can move on to the opportunities that space creates. 

About my acreage:

Located 10 minutes South East of Pine Lake, it came into my family in the 1920's when my Great Grandma traded with the neighbor who wanted to go back to Eastern Canada. My Great Uncle inherited it and built my acreage on it in 1994. When he passed in 2016 my older brother bought the acreage out of the will and then sold it to me in July 2020 when it became clear that he and his wife were going to stay in Edmonton to raise their kids. This land carries the history of my family & farm and is very special to me. The pasture land is considered native pasture as it has never been cropped or altered by man. 

Some important things to note:

I share my home with 1 dog, 3 cats and a smattering of chickens. I will have allergy meds on hand if needed, Please be prepared to interact with the puppers (Stella), possibly the cats (Hannah, Newt & Ginny), and the chickens. 


Just as we all like our space when we first meet new souls, all my familiars would appreciate you giving them the time to get used to your energy before interacting.

Stella will not be included in our ceremonies, rituals, yoga or meal times as she can be distracting. 

Below in the slide show is some images of the land, house & the souls who call it home:


I am a source of love & light that emanates through me & into my day ⟡ ☾ ♡︎

Contact to Join

Cost is $200 plus GST, payment plans are available. 

All accommodations and meals will be provided.

Starts Friday at 5 pm & ends Saturday at 4 pm. 

Kyla Jade Smith 

Red Deer County


I appreciate you ⟡ ☾ ♡︎

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