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Smudge Stick Workshop

Lets go for a walk in the pasture surrounding my house and pick wild flowers and sage (or other herbs) to create our own unique and specialized smudge sticks. 

Book as a group or as a single.           $55. 20% off for groups of 3 or more. 


Tuesdays from 6 pm to 7:30 pm unless the ground is covered in snow 𓆩⚝𓆪


Opening Circle

Start with a opening circle to ground with Mother Earth and plan our smudge with our intention for it. I have lots of herbs to choose from, each with their own properties.  

Nature Walk & Selection

Walking the pasture to select our herbs and flowers. Breath in the fresh air and connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun.

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Wrap your smudge

Arranging the herbs and wild flowers to your own creative intuition and wrap with cord. Each of you will get to create one large ceremony smudge and one smaller daily use smudge. 


Closing circle, ground, connect with Mother Earth, journal from the heart, and thank Mother Earth for her abundance, guidance, and offerings.


Contact me to book
Thank you Goddesses

I appreciate you ⟡ ☾ ♡︎

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