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Tarot Readings

Helping guides, entities, souls, the universe, mother earth, the stars and the moon offer guidance, insight, and interpretation to those open to hearing their whispers and receiving their downloads.

Choose the deck that is calling to you and I will help you interpret the messages that come through. You can book virtual or in person readings, location to be determined at time of booking.


I have added the decks author's website or Instagram account to the bottom of each description. 

Kyla Jade, Earth Witch & Goddess of the Moon

Tarot cards have been dancing around the edges of my life for years . My mother, a Water Witch, has always had psychic abilities and started reading cards a few years back - fun fact -> we are distant descendants of Melusina, a mythological Water Goddess from Luxembourg.  I always new that readings were going to become so much more than a yearly reading with my mum. I feel a connection with the cards and my ability to sense if something feels right or not. I bought my first deck a year ago and since then have been actively building my intuition, psychic abilities and collection.  As a Earth Witch and Goddess of the Moon, I use my abilities to help myself and others interpret messages from Mother Earth, the Moon, and our Souls & Spirit guides. 

Blessed Be.

We ARE Goddesses

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