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I will be building and offering a variety of retreats, ceremonies, and workshops to help build and strengthen our connection to Mother Earth and Goddess Moon. 

Ceremonies and workshops can be booked individually or in groups and the dates will either align with the moon cycle or can be booked as per your choice. 

Retreats will be hosted at my acreage in Red Deer County on specific dates. 

Ceremonies & Workshops


Moon Ceremony

Join me at my acreage for a moon ceremony where we will set intention with the stage of the moon, track our progress in the moon cycle and honor Goddess Moon and accept her guidance.


Creating Smudges

Join me on a nature walk where we will pick herbs & wild flowers to create a unique smudge stick that will encompass the properties we are in need of. Followed by a grounding ritual with our guides & Mother Earth. 



Coven gatherings at my acreage to celebrate and honor the passing sabbats.  Lets sit in circle to learn from each other and grow our sisterhood, love, light & magic. 

Upcoming Retreats

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Wild Roses Festival 

Join me in the Healers Village

July 5 - 7, 2024

Navigating in Woods

Summer Camp Out Retreat


Sometimes you have to get lost to find your soul

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