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New Years Tarot Spread

Are you ready to let go of 2023 and see what 2024 has in store for your soul? 

This sessions will allow you to start manifesting 2024, building off everything that was accomplished in 2023. Lets breathe and look forward to everything your guides have in store for your soul. Where is your highest path headed? What months are going to hold the highest frequency for your goals, and which months should you focus on reflection and healing.

Wheel of the Year Spread_edited.jpg

New Years Sale!

What is in store for the 2024 year?

Are there any themes, or common messages through out? 

Are there months that will be better suited for trail blazing or internal reflection and self love?

Are there any items that your guides want you to be prepared for? 

What does the reading all encompass: 

  • Breath work to ground and connect with each other and our guides.

    • We will also connect to Source Creator, Mother Earth, and Goddess Moon. 

  • You will send your energy to the deck at the same time I am calling your energy to the deck.

  • While shuffling we will both focus on you and the 2024 year and what it has in store for you and your goals. 

  • This is a 14 card pull - a card for the year, a challenge of the year card and a monthly card pull. 

    • There's a lot of messages and information to work through so the reading can take a hour to 2 hours. ​

  • We will wrap up and drop back in and offer gratitude to our guides for all the messages ​offered.

  • I will create a full reading write up to email you afterwards with the main messages and cards for each pull so that you can use them to plan and reflect through out the year. 

Cost is $222 (GST included) - I will offer a sliding scale as well if you are being called for this spread and are not sure if the costs fits within your budget. 

Ask about the new years sale available!!

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