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Moon Ceremonies

We ARE allowed to hold SPACE for our emotions

We ARE allowed to hold SPACE for ourselves

We were put here to LOVE & to SHARE that love

Let us sit and ground together & accept all that Goddess Moon has to offer so that we can realize our full potential of love and light. 

Each full moon and new moon has something unique to offer us that will help us live our most soulful life. 

Each Ceremony will start at 7 pm and go until we decide it is time to close the circle and thank each other for their company. 

See my Moon Calendar on the Gratuitous Page

Watch my Insta for dates! Or book below. 

New Moon 

New Moons, as the start of the moon cycle, are a time to set intentions for the upcoming moon cycle, review achievements and manifestations from the last moon cycle and banish anything that is not in your highest service. 


Full Moon

Full Moons are a time to celebrate where you are & your abundance, have gratitude and forgiveness in equal amounts. Reflect on what has happened so far this moon cycle and let go of that which does not serve you. 



Ceremonies are held on my acreage outside with Goddess Moon (weather permitting - inside in front of the picture window if not). 

$55 per person (Sliding Scale Offered)

What To Expect:

Circle Setting and introductions

Intention Setting

Oracle card pulls and journaling

Drop in, enter our sacred gardens through our medicine wheel

Call in our guides and call down Goddess Moon

Smoke Cleansing while receiving any messages from your guides and/or Goddess Moon regarding your oracle pull. 

Individual Major Arcana Tarot Pull and message interpretation from Goddess Moon 

Complete a banishment journey and ritual

A little info session on something witchy

Tea and snacks 

Ceremonies will be held on the Saturday closest to the Full or New Moon. 

What To Bring:

A Yoga mat to sit on

A journal and pen

A crystal to connect to during the intension setting ritual

Anything you need to be comfy 

Any Magic you would like to share with the group

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