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These mini moon magic kits are intended to assist you in developing your own unique moon magic practice. They include some of the essential items require for creating rituals around the New and Full Moons. 


Included are:

  • 5 Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals & an info card on their magic and uses 
  • 1 Mini White Prairie Sage Smudge & an info card on its properties
  • 1 Mini Cedar Smudge Stick & an info card on its properties
  • 1 Smoke Cleaning Ceremony/Ritual Card explaining how to preform your own smudging
  • Moon Magic Affirmations to use in your New & Full Moon Ceremonies
  • A jar of homemade powder incense 
  • New Moon Ceremony card & 2 blue tealight candles
  • Full Moon Ceremony card & 2 white tealight candles
  • Banishing Ritual card


All of these magical items are stored in a handmade knitted pouch for easy traveling. 

Mini Moon Magic Kits

Only 4 left in stock
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