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Kyla Jade Smith

Light Worker ⟡
Earth Witch ⚘
Moon Goddess ☾

Artist 🖌
Accountant ⚖

Moon Goddesses

Soul Business 1:1 Mentorship

Source Creator has blessed so many of us with the knowledge and ability to help others with light and soul work. If you are one of these amazing Goddesses and are in assistance of some mentoring for the business and bookkeeping side of this work, I am here as a guide for you. As a designated Chartered Professional Accountant I have the expertise to help you on your path to becoming an empowered business woman doing your souls work.


About Kyla Jade

Good Day Goddesses, I am Kyla Jade Smith and I am here for you.

To guide you in your journey, whether that is with intuitive readings, finding your confidence, energy healing, readings & clearings, interpreting your guides whispers, meaningful creations, or business advice. 

Lets all work towards our authentic selves, who ever that may be. 

I am a practicing chartered professional accountant, earth witch, moon goddess, artist, and light worker.

As a light worker, I work with Universe, Source Creator, the Angelic Realm, Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Spirit Guides to receive messages, heal and cleanse energy, and add light & love to the world. 

As a moon goddess, I work with Goddess moon, the lunar cycle and the elements to receive and interpret guidance from Goddess Moon and to help focus energies to be able to help myself and others create a life of light and love that is inline with their highest self and frequency. 

As a earth witch, I grow all my own herbs for my rituals, ceremonies, and smudge sticks on my 17 acre acreage.

As a artist, the mediums that I create with include: charcoal, graphite, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, ink. 

As an accountant, I become a designated CPA in 2020. My specialties are personal taxes, small business/proprietorships, and corporate taxes. I work in mainly in the small business and agriculture industries and am excited to offer bookkeeping and tax advice to small women run businesses. 

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All the Light & Love

Thank you for visiting my website! Check out my Gratuitous page from some Free downloads. 



Kyla Jade Smith

Red Deer County 

Alberta, Canada


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