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Bookkeeping & Tax


If you are not sure where to start of bookkeeping for your souls business, I can help. I can let you know what kind of expenses you should be tracking/saving invoices for, I can offer advice on what kind of software is best for you, and I offer quick lessons on best practices.  

Business Taxes

If you are incorporated and need your corporate business taxes completed then I can refer you to Horizon CPA in Red Deer, a small locally owned accounting firm where I preform my corporate work out of.



Not sure if you should be charging GST on your services and products - let me know! I can help you determine if you need to be GST registered, walk you through how to get registered and teach you how to file your GST on your own.



Personal Taxes

If your business is not incorporated then you will be recording your income and expenses on your personal taxes. I can offer tax planning and tax return preparation and filing as well, through Horizon CPA. 

Business Advice

Any and all questions you might have while creating or preforming your souls work. 

I am here to empower you by teaching you how to complete your bookkeeping, GST (if required), and taxes on your own. If you are looking for someone to take these tasks off your beautiful hands so you can focus on your souls work, then I can refer you to Horizon CPA in Red Deer, where I work as an accountant.


Does your soul work require more than a few hour consults? I have SOUL BUSINESS 1:1 Mentorships available.  

About Kyla Jade Smith, CPA



I went back to school in 2013 to obtain my Business Degree (BBA), majoring in general management & accounting and started down the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) path. I became designated in July 2020 after passing the three day fifteen hour common final exam in September 2019. I absolutely love being an accountant which I know surprises most people, but I get to help business owners make decisions, assess risk, and ultimately help keep their businesses as healthy as possible. I like the structure that the accounting handbook offers and building financial statements is all about formatting and organizing all the different pieces of financial information in the most advantageous layout. I have worked 8 personal tax seasons and have found that personal taxes are my favorite type of taxes to prepare. I enjoy helping client plan for their futures and also helping find ways to decrease the overall tax bill. Most people do not believe me when I say I love being an accountant but adding value to my clients and their businesses, no matter how big, always makes me feel uplifted and like I am putting my best most authentic self out in the world.

My Rate

$88/hour plus GST  


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