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Image by Luca Volpe


I work with Mother Earth and Goddess Moon to create these beautiful products.

Herb Smudges:

I grow the herb on my acreage and when they are ready to be harvested I preform a ceremony to thank Mother Earth for her gifts and give back either seeds or tobacco. 

The herbs are cleansed with smoke then wrapped and hung to dry. I rewrap them after they are dry and cleanse them a final time before they are sold.  

Cedar Smudges: 

Cedar has been used in cleansing rituals throughout history to cleanse negative energy, banish fear and bring in good influences. It's Latin name is arbor vitae - "Tree of Life". My cedar comes from two cedar trees that were planted on my property that had to be removed as they were growing into the house. I have since then repurposed those beautiful trees for ritual cleansing. I love using cedar instead of palo santo as I feel more historically connected to cedar smudging. 

Spell Jars:

Made with the herbs grown at my acreage. Each spell jar comes with a instruction card as well as a information card specific to each type of jar that includes the ingredients and an incantation written by myself.

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