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Sabbat Celebrations

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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Join Me In Celebration


One of my intentions this year is to celebrate all the Sabbats and invite anyone who is interested in learning or celebrating to join me. 

Each Sabbat Celebration will be held at my Acreage in Red Deer County. 

There are spaces for sleeping in the house and tenting/sleeping under the stars (during the warmer months). 

The Sabbats are the wiccan celebrations of the changing of the seasons. 

Yule (December 19-23)

Yule falls on the winter equinox and celebrates the coming of longer days and the return of the sun. Trees are decorated, Yule logs are burned in the fireplace to protect the home and bring good luck.


Imbolc (February 1-2)

Imbolc is the holiday during which some pagans give thanks to Brigid as well as to the increasing daylight, which comes with hope for an abundant spring. 


Ostara (March 19-23)

The spring equinox (Ostara) is a holiday of renewal and abundance. For Wiccans, this is when the Goddess represents her Maiden aspect and when the god has become a young man. It’s a great time for planting seeds and celebrating the fertile spring.


Beltane (April 30 – May 1)

Beltane or May Day falls half way between the spring and summer equinoxes and is celebrated by decorating and dancing around the maypole, lighting bon fires. Beltane celebrates the time of year when the God and Goddess are equal in power and the masculine and feminine energies are united. It is believed that, like at Samhain, the veil between the living and the spirit world is thinner. 


Litha/Midsummer (June 19-23)

Litha is the summer solstice and is when the days are the longest. Father Sun is at his highest point in the sky and the growing of crops is at its peak. Pagans give thanks for all of this and at this time, ask for a rich harvest. 


Lughnasadh (August 1-2)

Lughnasadh marks the midpoint between summer & fall. It is the first harvest festival of the year. It’s when the grains are harvested and is a time of giving thanks for the growth that has been received in the year.


Mabon (September 20-24)

Mabon lands on the fall equinox and is the second harvest festival. Traditionally, it’s when autumn begins and when Wiccans believe the Goddess moves from Mother to Crone. It’s a time to give thanks for all that has been provided during the year.


Samhain (October 31 – November 1)

Samhain, which falls on Halloween, is the Celtic New Year’s Eve and the final harvest. It’s when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is the thinnest and when pagans believe spirits easiest roam the earth and when it is easiest to communicate with them.

Samhain is a time to honor all those who have come before, for all that was gifted to us during the year, to ask for guidance, and to set intentions as the turning of the wheel begins again.

Contact Me  to Join

My intention with these sabbat coven gatherings it to create a sisterhood. 

Therefore the cost of these events is either a donation or bring a snack & some magic to teach the rest of us. 


Kyla Jade's Acreage

Red Deer County

Alberta, T0M 0Y0

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Thank you Goddess

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